We believe that we have a limited memory and can store only a certain amount of data and that those who are doing better are exceptionally gifted people or are born geniuses. Truth is, they are using more than one faculty to memorise things whilst we may be using just one. The capacity of human brain in terms of computer storage is 2 Quintilian bits or in other words 200 Crore Giga Bytes. Simply put, if our brain were a video recorder recording every video and sound, then for the memory to be completely full, the video camera would have to run for 300 years.

The problem is not with the memory. The problem is with the storage system, or the indexing system of the brain which we hardly ever train. Although the information is very much there, due to our negligence of not labelling it properly before storing, we are not able to recall.

With the help of Mnemonics as a tool, the students who have to memorize large amounts of data, long answers, formulae, history dates just to name a few. The recall time using the technique of Mnemonics is reduced by half hence leaving the student a lot of time to cover extra topics and prepare additional things for the same exam. With Mnemonics it would take about 2 and half minutes to memorize a 50 digit number and it would take about 4 minutes to memorize a list of 30 random items.

"Like many things, Mnemonic Techiques are easy to parody and poke fun at, but that makes them no less effective and there is nothing like SUCCESS to reinforce someone in a new method of learning."