After 10 years of marriage I have given-up. It is impossible to make her happy and understand what I like


The most common word today we around us is STRESS!

Most of Us are not doing the way we like or we are working the way we dislike because we don’t know what we like or dislike. We don’t know our strengths, weaknesses, character and attributes. All this is leading to Stress, Anxiety & Depression, Relationship Problems, Breakups, Inefficiency and most of the miseries of our life.

The Way the Life Should be……

700,00,00,000 people on this planet, Have a difference face Because everyone is unique, and so is your child and so are you Please don’t compare and let us all Breathe Air

After 10 years of marriage we are still on a honeymoon! My wife has spoiled me because she understands every byte of me. This really seems to be a “Janam Janam Ka Saath”

The above is so true to be true! Can it really be true?